Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

Our Vision is to reduce veterans suffering through friendship.

Mission Statement

By partnering with like-minded veteran groups like VFW’s American Legion’s etc, we will broaden our reach to increasingly more Veterans over time.

We Who Served, encompassing Veterans, their Families and Friends, and Concerned Citizens, are dedicated to significantly reducing Veteran suffering. We are currently building a coalition to serve all Veterans of any age or status, to provide them with logistical real-life resources. Our goal is to educate Veterans, Families, Friends, and Citizens through formal public events and smaller group forums. We believe a critical task is to connect Veterans with individuals and groups capable of providing support by linking them with resources, including; but not limited to, employment, education, housing, comradery in their community, and timely access to the highest level of care for drug addiction, mental health (i.e. Posttraumatic Stress, Depression) and physical health treatment.