We Who Served Quick Links

Get Help: Call 1-800-273-8255 and Press 1 for the Crisis Call Center

White House VA Hotline: 1-855-948-2311.

Get Connected: Make friends with veterans in your local area as we grow

Get Educated: Find and add resources to our library

Note: We are just getting started. The more veterans that join the better this website will become. Once enough veterans register you should be able to find fellow vets in your location. Simply search by zip code on our Members Page. Using fewer numbers in the zip code widens your search. For example, central Pennsylvania would be a search on 17 covers a wider area than 170 and so on.

The government cannot do it all. Veterans are fiercely independent. We who served can relate to our brothers and sisters in a way others may not be able to.

There are thousands of veterans in need. At the same time, there are thousands more who have the time to work with veterans.

Our goal is to provide veterans in need a way to reach out to a fellow veteran in their location and with similar interests when and where possible.

Please scroll down for more information.


Register to make and find friends
We never sell or share your information. There are only a few mandatory fields. However, the more you fill out the easier it is for fellow veterans to get to know you. Use the full web address for your Social Media pages if you have them. Just copy and paste the web address. Loging in with your Social Media account will not share or your account.

Getting Connected

Getting connected means registering on this website to both give and receive help through camaraderie.

A few quick points:

  • We are veteran run.
  • We never sell or misuse your information.
  • We accept veterans as well as family and friends of veterans.
  • We do NOT require verification of veteran status to be a member.
  • We are building a new kind of community that is NOT limited to those who are online.
  • How you use this site is up to you!

We plan to develop a Facebook-like website that will connect veterans with other veterans and resources from both the veteran and civilian community.

As the membership grows a veteran should be able to find a fellow veteran in their local area. Someone who is a real friend in the real world.

Why include civilians? Most veterans have family and friends. We are all one team. We are also collectively better than we are individually.

Once you are registered your information will go into our database. We know you have security concerns so please understand we are not sharing your information with anyone.

If you are going to share your phone number with a member, we highly recommend getting a free Google Voice phone number that can be forwarded to your phone of choice.


We Are Changing Formats

For some reason, this website iteration never caught on.  We will be changing the design and functionality in the near future. Stay tuned for updates. Your login credentials will remain intact for now.


If you are trying to get a link back to a website don’t bother unless it is not for profit and serves the veteran community.